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About IYL

The mission of the Informed Young Leader Series is to provide students opportunities to publicly express themselves while informing their communities about political issues they care deeply about and directly impact those communities.

The Informed Young Leaders Series are public speaking events featuring high school and college students giving individual or team multi-media presentations on local-statewide-national-global political issues that are of interest to them and relevant to their communities. Events usually have a minimum of five presentations and a maximum of ten presentations.

The opportunity for students is: i) to inform themselves about political and community issues that directly impact their current or future lives; ii) work directly with community and civic leaders (‘Mentors’) engaged in the political process; and, iii) to learn and practice presentation and media skills in front of large groups.

The intention is to inform, engage and inspire the audience and viewers about a local, state, national or global political issue that is a compelling interest of the respective presenters.  ‘Partisan’ viewpoints are welcome, provided they are supported with relevant facts forming a coherent point-of-view.

The format is PechaKucha-style (*)  format: 20 images – 20 seconds per slide. Each of the 20 images will be timed to display for exactly 20 seconds apiece and will change to the following slide automatically.


PechaKucha is Japanese for chit chat. is a global creative network active in over 780 cities, conducting PechaKucha-style presentations (20 images, 20 seconds per image) on diverse topics focused on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

For the nearest PechaKucha Night event, visit their website at


The Informed Young Leaders Series are separate, one-off, ‘Powered by PechaKucha’ events that are sanctioned by PechaKucha, but are not managed by local PechaKucha Night organizers.